Rules for a Successful RP

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 Rules for a Successful RP Empty Rules for a Successful RP

Post  Luff on Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:04 pm

1. The RP must be PG13 or lower. No blood and gore, keep the romance simple.
2. There must be form for RPers to fill out. Something like
is acceptable.
3. The RP must be approved to be posted on the RP board. To get it approved, PM a mod once 5 or more people have joined.
1. No godmoding(making your player all powerfull) or power playing(controlling other's characters).
2. All non-RPing must be indicated like this: ((blahblahblah)). Non-RPing should not exceed RPing in a post.
3. No double posting.
4. Follow all rules made up by the starter of the RP.

Have fun Very Happy .


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