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Post  LegitBreeder on Mon Nov 28, 2011 6:54 pm

A copy and paste from my site - links needed. I typed all of this up on my own...

Note: Some shortcuts may not work.

Text styling
Italic texts are represented by the symbol "I". Their shortcut is ctrl and i pressed at the same time on a standard keyboard. Here is it's full code:

Bold texts are represented by "B" with the shortcut ctrl b, in the same way as the Italics.

Underlined text is represented by "U" with the shortcut ctrl u.

Strike text is represented by the "S" with the shortcut ctrl x.

Colour of text can be changed by clicking the "Color" button or using
[color=Insert color e.g red or codes e.g #FF0000]Text[/color]

Text font click on the "A" icon and multiple fonts will pop up or
[font=font name]Text[/font]

Font size is represented by "AA" and can be used in two main ways. You can use the guidelines (click the button then the size you want) or use numbers. Click the spoiler tag for sizes and codes.
Font sizes:

Main code:
Size=7 (listed as "tiny")
9, also listed as "small"
12, "normal"
18, "large"
24, "huge"
29, maximum size
You can choose any number from 1-29

Text alignment
Left: ctrl m
Center: ctrl t
Right: ctrl g
: ctrl j


Listings, line breaks & tables
    Listing: ctrl l

  1. Ordered list
    This one can be quite tricky at a glance, you need to make sure you have the code completely right and that the numbers are consecutive! The first point cannot be list=2 etc, it must be 1 then the second will be 2, the third will be 3 etc...
Line break:
Tables look difficult but are actually quite simple. There are two ways of doing this, the first is the easiest and the second is for stubborn people:
1. Click the button that looks like a calculator/table and fill in the info, I've chose 3x3. The code looks complicated but actually isnt a pile of gibberish. In plain English the "tr" stands for row so one row is tr /tr and vertical columns are td so if you take a look at my 3x3 code you will notice my "tr" start and end have 3 sets of "td" between them. Look even more carefully and you see 3 full sets of tr (each with 3 sets of td) and so a total of 9 td to make your 3 columns per row! Your table border number you can change but it changes the thickness of the line and to be honest isn't worth bothering with... If you're using the button you can add more rows or cells to your table or even add another table!
[table border="1"][tr] [td]row 1, column 1 [/td][td]row 1, column 2[/td][td]row 1, column 3[/td][/tr][tr][td]row 2 column 1[/td][td]r2, c2[/td][td]r2, c3[/td][/tr][tr][td]R3, C1[/td][td]R3, C2[/td][td]R3, C3[/td][/tr][/table]
Which is:
row 1, column 1 row 1, column 2row 1, column 3
row 2 column 1r2, c2r2, c3
R3, C1R3, C2R3, C3
2. Do it manually using the codes!

Sharing media
Links: ctrl w. You can paste URL's but sometimes they look messy and its clearer to have them as text e.g Forum! The quickest and easiest way is to click the button with the chain link and fill that in but here is the code if you wish to do it manually:
[url=insert url]Text[/url]
Videos: Photobucket I'm still messing around with unsuccesfully so just post links to those... We all know its easier to just click a video and watch rather than click a link to the video, wait for the page to load and hope the video works so YouTube and dailymotion work perfectly by just being able to post a video straight to the site using an url! Once again, 2 methods. Manual and button! It's very straightforward, click the button and paste your dailymotion/youtube url into the box then click "Ok" job done! For manual use here is the code:
[youtube(or dailymotion)]url[/youtube(or dailymotion)]
This is the Youtube example, only put dailymotion OR youtube ([youtube] or [dailymotion]):

Note: As a major note on this MOBILE links will not work. The only ways to get around this is (assuming you're on a smartphone/iPod touch) either click on the "full site" option, copy the url and it should NOT have the in the url, you can remove the m. and hope it works... OR you download a free YouTube app, watch the video go to share video > email type screen or similar should pop up > copy url in the message and use that. Manual method is usually more appropriate on mobile devices.
Flash: This inserts a flash animation and can also be used for youtube videos and some other media. Use the code below and the youtube example code (which is the exact same video as used in the video example) to give yourself a better understanding of it all.
Most of the time your youtube video links will be changed to the flash code but this makes absolutely no difference and you wouldn't even realise unless you came to edit your post, it's normal Wink
Pictures: ctrl p Photo button or manual:
[img]image url (check that it has .jpg or .gif instead of .com etc)[/img]

Images with links: You can make a linked image by using the url code then inserting the img code where the text part of the url code would go e.g:

Is Useful Forum Codes Shadsy10
Hosting an image: Click host and follow the steps really...

Quoting: ctrl q. There are multiple quote buttons but for anything you need doing manually:
Codes: To post a forum code so people can copy and paste the actual code rather than the codes taking effect e.g like every manual code in this post, the code is:
Spoiler tags: An example is in the font size section

Thats not all the forum codes but they're all the most useful ones...

You can post here to ask for help on how to use these codes and also practice using them.

All credit goes to me! Legitbreeder - LegitBreederServices!

Useful Forum Codes Shadsy10

If you want to practice post here and if you don't understand how to do a certain thing I will teach you. If you like this, don't forget to say thanks!

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Useful Forum Codes Empty Re: Useful Forum Codes

Post  SyuYa on Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:57 pm

These are awesome, Legity. Thank you. =D
I will practice some of them.

Whoa, it works! X3

Going up! Whee!!

This is so cool!

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Useful Forum Codes Empty Re: Useful Forum Codes

Post  LegitBreeder on Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:30 pm

No problem Smile just thought it might be useful here too! Glad you like it and well done! Smile

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